Cyanogenmod on a Xperia X10 Mini Pro U20i (mimmi)

Updated 10 Feb 2015

Getting started * Rooting * Unlocking the bootloader * Flashing the kernel * Installing the ROM * Restoring contacts, sms and call logs


Getting started

The Xperia X10 Mini Pro (the Pro model has a slideout keyboard) is a great little smartphone. Unfortunately Sony stopped supporting it at Android 2.1. So I decided to flash CyanogenMod onto mine and extend its life a bit longer.

Official CyanogenMod builds seem to no longer be available a the time of writing. Rather than download the source from Github and build myself, I got everything from minicm, a project catering specifically for xperia legacy devices.

working on the rest...


Restoring contacts, sms and call logs

Using Yaffey, open data.yaffs2.img.

Extract /data/data/ and mmssms.db-journal (if exists). Any pictures in the threads requires copying the /data/data/ folder as well.

Contacts and your call logs from /data/data/ and contacts2.db-journal.

Permissions for mmssms.db should be 660 with the owner and group = radio. mmssms.db-journal should have 600 permissions and same group and owner = radio.

chmod 660 data/data/ chgrp radio data/data/ chown radio data/data/